Birth Of The Herb – Rosemary

Rosemary herb is one of the finest herbs that are currently a hot deal in the world market. You know, finally after decades, the world ia bending towards the traditional and sure-shot means of getting rid of the most chronic of diseases, herbs and natural oils.

Layering is a good technique to be used when one has a rosemary plant already. Stem cuttings can be used for this purpose. One can simply pin down the lower rambling branches of an existing herb to the soil until they root, and this will ultimately form a new plant.

One must take care to space garden plants 0.3 to 0.6 m (1 to 2 feet) apart.

When one is trying to grow rosemary in a container, one must make sure that the plant is slightly pot bound. This means that the container that one must use to grow the plant in must be just big enough for the roots to be housed properly. The pot itself must be kept in a bright and sunny place, because this plant thrives best in open and bright sunshine.

The soil must never dry out completely. An established rosemary plant can be kept for three to four years in a container, before it may need to be replaced. The long and straggly branches of the plant must be shortened and trimmed adequately, as this would stimulate new and robust growth of the plant.

  • Rosemary is also one of the ingredients used in the preparation of Eau-de-Cologne.
  • Rosemary is often used widely as a common household spice, and also as a fragrant aromatic flavoring agent in several commercially available products.
  • Rosemary is used in soaps, lotions, facial and body creams, toilet waters, and perfumes as the primary and most important fragrance component.
  • The fragrance are added to the products such as frozen desserts, candy, alcoholic beverages, puddings and various other similar goods.
  • Fragrant rosemary can be included in potpourris or scented sachets.
  • Rosemary plants can often be used in topiary, the venerable craft in which shrubs are trained into ornamental forms.

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Rosemary – The Invigorating Herb

Rosemary, as a herb is very useful and beneficial. The oil that is obatined from it is highly medicinal in nature. The scent of this oil is very nice and appreciable. People all over the world absolutely love this oil and use it quite religiously.

Rosemary is known as an invigorating herb. Easy to grow, rosemary is used in many natural remedies. Rosemary skin oil can help relieve acne and heal dry skin. Rosemary oil also helps to stimulate circulation, which will lead to a healthier appearance.

Rosemary originated in the Mediterranean area and on the continent of Africa. Today it grows around the world in sunny warm climates. This plant enjoys open sunlight of the Houston, Texas area and grows very easily. I have Rosemary growing in my backyard herb garden. It grows readily in this area and is a common ornamental and culinary plant. There are many species depending on where the plant is grown.

Rosemary will help rid the scalp of dandruff as it has antiseptic properties. When used as an essential oil mixed in with a little sesame oil and massaged into the scalp it nourishes the hair follicles strengthening them and increasing hair growth where there is thinning. Regular massage with this oil will help you regain hair thickness if you are experiencing hair thinning. It also gives the hair shine and luster. When a few drops of essential oil of Rosemary is mixed with a teaspoon of sesame oil and massages into the temples and scalp it can relieve tension headaches and migraines.

For Circulation and Digestion, it is to be taken in small doses internally Rosemary will help improve the circulation, support the nervous system, enhance and aid digestion. It is rich in minerals -

  • Ca
  • Mg
  • PO4
  • Na
  • K

(Calcium, magnesium, phosphates sodium and potassium) All these minerals are needed by the nervous and circulatory systems .

Rosemary has a mild sedating affect on the body and can calm frazzled nerves. It can enhance memories and improve memory. The ancient Greek students always wore Rosemary garlands while studying and taking exams. Rosemary has very powerful antioxidant properties which increase overall vitality, improves circulation and your improves mental out look. This herb has been shown to inhibit mammary tumors in mice. Carnosol and ursolic acid are the major constituents of Rosemary and have been shown to inhibit tyrosine protein kinase (TPA) and ornithine decarboxylase activity and inhibit tumor promotion.

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Rosemary Oil – Killing Odour

Rosemary essential oil is an excellent mouthwash. The oil is known to help fight bad breath and is because it is even a part of some illustrious perfume brands, hence, it even has an amazing fragrance. Its users absolutely love it.

Rosemary oil can be used as a mouth wash. It removes bad breadth by killing odor-causing bacteria. Rosemary oil is also used to treat gingivitis (inflammation of the gum). The presence of eucalyptol helps in killing the bacteria that grow around the gums.

Rosemary essential oil when applied on the skin can rejuvenate skin condition by improving blood circulation and strengthening the capillaries that carry the blood to the skin.

Rosemary oil is a great nerve and brain tonic which works on the central nervous system and works as an effective stimulant. This helps in improving memory as well as fighting mental fatigue. In addition, studies have shown that carnosic acid found in rosemary helps in fighting free-radicals. This can reduce the risk of strokes and degenerative neural diseases like Alzheimer’s disease, etc.

The oil helps in expelling gases from the stomach and intestine. It also helps in relaxing the intestinal and abdominal muscles. It aids in the secretion of digestive juices and enzymes to avoid indigestion.

Two antioxidants found in rosemary oil such as caffic acid and rosemarinic acid prevent cellular damage caused by free radicals. The oil can be used for treating breast cancer which acts by regulating the production of estrogen.

Rosemary oil can be used to treat throat congestion by relieving spasms and relaxing the respiratory tract muscles.

  • Skin Care

    Rosemary essential oil has several different uses in regards to skin care, including the ability to tone and moisturize your skin. In addition to this, you can also smooth out wrinkles, reduce fine lines, clear up acne, and minimize the ugliness of varicose veins and broken capillaries.

  • Mouthwash

    If you’re ever short on toothpaste, rosemary essential oil makes a fine substitute because it kills bad breath and disinfects the mouth. Just make sure that you don’t ingest the rosemary, or any other essential oil for that mater.

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