Tough Herb With A Lovely Name – Rosemary

Rosemary herb is a wonderful herb that is known to have cured many skin and scalp and even hair related problems and is it is back in the limelight, owing to the fact that the world is fed up with chemicals and seeking refuge in all things natural.

The herb of rosemary has several ash colored branches, and the bark is rather scaly and it grows up to a height of three feet. The leaves are with a prominent vein in the middle and margins which are rolled down on the sides.

The evergreen leaves of this herb are about -

  • 1 inch long
  • Linear
  • Revolute
  • Dark green above and paler

And it is glandular beneath, with an odour pungently aromatic and somewhat amphoraceous.Colored a dark shade of green above and white below, the leaves of the rosemary give off a beautiful fragrance, and with its small pale blue flowers.

Rosemary is propagated by seeds, cuttings and layers, and division of roots. Rosemary succeeds best in a light, rather dry soil, and in a sheltered situation, such as the base of a low wall with a south aspect. On a chalk soil it grows smaller, but is more fragrant.

Sow the seeds indoors in a dark room, as this will aid germination, covering a liberal amount of the seeds lightly after sowing. The optimum soil temperature should be around 15c .Although rosemary can take up to 3 months before germination you should start to see some results in about 2-3 weeks. When you have shoot that are around 20cm (4inches) high they may be planted out. Keep the young plant moist but not too wet as the roots easily rot. The new plants should be transplanted in the early autumn to allow them to harden off before the winter, and they may need to be protected with straw where winter conditions are severe.

Once established, rosemary bushes do not like to be moved. If this is attempted, the leaves will often turn brown and die, so if it is necessary to transplant try to avoid cutting any roots when doing so and retain as much of the original ball of earth as possible. If happy in its position, rosemary can last for about 30 years. Trim it lightly to maintain its thickness.

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