Rosemary Oil – Single Cure To Many Problems

Rosemary essential oil is a highly sought after essential oil that is possibly the best oil in its field. The oil is known to have qualities that can tackle a number diseases with absolute efficiency. The ones who use it, love it.

Reach for rosemary essential oil when fighting fatigue. In aromatherapy it is used for treating lethargy, stress, forgetfulness, asthma, and sore muscles. Rosemary clears the mind, restores memory, and makes the mental processes sharper. When preparing for a test of any kind, take along a bottle of rosemary essential oil (the green herb works, too). When stumped on a question, inhale the scent of rosemary. It really helps.

Rosemary is considered the herb of fidelity, love, and abiding friendship. It is made into wedding wreaths and planted on graves. People burned rosemary during the plague to fight infection. It was even used in field hospitals during WWII as a kind of healing incense. The oil and the leaves have an antiseptic and purifying effect on stale air.

Rosemary has preservative qualities. In some cultures, people wrap meat in rosemary leaves to stop it from spoiling. People also spray a mixture of rosemary essential oil and water to remove bad odors from the air.

Rosemary essential oil has impressive healing properties, and is also an excellent nerve tonic. A few drops of the rosemary essential oil in the bath restore flagging energy levels after a period of prolonged stress. It can also be used in a oil burner to help concentration. Since the beginning of civilization, rosemary essential oil has been associated with the mind and improving the memory. Garlands of rosemary essential oil were worn by ancient Greek and Roman students taking exams. The modern equivalent is to dab essential oil onto wrist bands or a hairband to boost mental power.

The essential oil reflects most of the uses of the herbal remedy and studies have shown that as well as being a stimulant to the nervous system, rosemary essential oil is primarily antiseptic and anti-bacterial. (In former times the herb was used to delay putrefacion in uncooked meat.) The warming and stimulating effects of rosemary essential oil help clear phlegm from the head and chest, which is why it has traditionally been used as a remedy for upper-respiratory ailments, such as acute -

  • Bronchitis
  • Catarrh
  • Colds

For such complaints it can be used in steam inhalations, diluted in grapeseed or sweet almond oil and applied as a chest rub, or simply added to the bath.

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