Rosemary Essential Oil – Dwindling Fatigue

Rosemary essential oil has numerous qualities that are very beneficial for its users. The oil has an amazing effect on the skin. It acts as a stress buster, I’ll lay emphasis on this thing later in this article. It is a greatly sought after oil.

With its vast skin regenerative and its wound healing qualities, rosemary verbenone is particularly useful in treating psoriasis, dermatitis, and eczema. Chronic skin conditions such as these respond well to the healing properties of rosemary essential oil. In addition, skin that is prone to acne is usually responsive to an application of rosemary verbenone.

This will also benefit the skin by fighting infection and promoting glandular balance. Dry and mature, aging skin can also be treated with rosemary essential oil with its many skin nourishing qualities. To ease the appearance of cellulite, blend rosemary verbenone with pink grapefruit or juniper, and massage gently into the skin.

Rosemary can also help to relieve mental fatigue, and can boost you up if you are physically exhausted. It also improves lethargy. Add rosemary essential oil to lemon, pink grapefruit or peppermint to improve your mood and boost your memory. Rosemary relieves -

  • Mental fatigue
  • Lethargy
  • Physical exhaustion

Rosemary essential oil has a strong stimulating effect on the circulatory system, making it an excellent choice to lower blood pressure enable cellular detoxification.

Rosemary is also a superb choice for relieving respiratory symptoms such as a clogged nose or stuffy chest. Place a few drops in a humidifier, and breathe deeply for relief.

With it’s many applications and wonderful healing properties, rosemary essential oil is a optimal choice for naturally healing some of life’s ailments.

Rosemary is a robust herb with a full range of uses from the medicine cabinet to the kitchen! Its tantalizing aroma has tempted many a table, been found in a wide range of savory recipes and been used throughout the world to heal many an ailment. Rosemary Essential Oil has captured the incredible properties of the Rosemary plant and provided an easy-to-use weapon in the natural health arsenal!

Rosemary has been used since ancient times, in many different cultures and has been used as a symbol of friendship and love. Its earliest appearance is in historical works dating to 500B.C. as both a medicinal and culinary herb by the Greeks and Romans.

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